The main task of the Scientific Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Vienna  which was opened in 1991, is to promote the Polish sciences in Austria and to support their further development. Moreover it helps in establishing cooperation projects between Polish and Austrian research institutions by organizing scientific and popular lectures, exhibitions, conferences and symposia with the participation of scientists from Poland, Austria and other countries, from the humanities over science to many areas of medicine and technology.

In addition, the center provides assistance in contacts between scientists and scientific institutions in Poland and Austria, and participates in the implementation of agreements on cooperation between the Polish Academy of Sciences and other Polish scientific institutions and their Austrian partners.

The history of the building of the Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Vienna is closely associated with Poles living in Vienna from the very beginning of its existence.

In 2004, the Club of professors, scientists and artists with Polish “roots” was established at the Center.  As a kind of intellectual basis of the center the club also promotes the scientific achievements of Polish scientists in Austria and promotes young scientists and artists of Polish descent living in Austria, for example by organizing scientific and artistic competitions.


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